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We're going on a bear hunt!

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Taking family photos can be hard work - especially when trying to come up with new ideas and keeping the photos fresh and unique. I was asked by Anna to do a double photoshoot with her family and her brother-in-law's family at the same time earlier this year. We decided to go to the New Forest and I arranged to meet them at a location I'd actually done pre-school photos for earlier this year. Although it was the same location, I Decided to try and have my own take on the 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' story book. The children got the idea straight away and using a small ridge we had fun creating our own version of the family going on a bear hunt!

After the family photos and 'bear hunt' photos we also spent time getting some fun portraits at the gateway to the local church! Helped by a stunning evening and low setting sun I think we managed to get some really fun photos full of character and joy!

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