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Stunning country wedding in Woodborough, Wiltshire

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

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I first met Alice and Henry after they saw my photography online and asked to meet me to discuss their wedding. They were such a lovely couple and were both so excited about getting married! When we met we chatted about their vision for the special day, they also had a chance to look through some of my sample wedding albums and ask questions. I work on my own and specialise in reportage/candid photography - which was perfect for them as they didn't want the photography to take over the day and wanted their guests to feel relaxed.

Both Henry and Alice are farmers and so the reception was held in a stunning marquee from Malmesbury Marquees in one of their parent's fields surrounded by farmland - which was absolutely perfect!

The bride and groom photos were all taken within 20 minutes in Alice's parents garden and some of the nearby farm buildings. I love colour and Alice's mother had done a fantastic job getting the garden ready and I was able to incorporate some of the colour to get some great images.

I have to say I absolutely love the Bentley and was so pleased we were able to use it in the photos, it is an absolutely stunning car - both the interior and exterior. I used the meal time to venture out and take some images of the car and then in the early evening I took Alice and Henry to the car to have a mini- photoshoot. The photos of them both with the car only took about 10 minutes but Alice and Henry both loved the resulting images!

After the speeches and time to welcome the evening guests the evening was finished off with some great music from a local band Catch22 which got most of the guests dancing!

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