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School & Pre-School photography

A conversation I seem to be having a lot of the time is schools and Pre-School portraits, I rarely hear great reports about the photos and parents often tell me how much they like my informal and fun style of photography and wish they could have something similar from their schools and nurseries.

I do think there is a huge potential for introducing great informal and fun photos into schools and nurseries and it is an area that I have been pressing into.

Last week I did my second nursery photoshoots of the year for Hyde Pre School in the New Forest - we made this a 2 day event, had lots of fun and parents were invited to bring siblings. Since all the packs have been ordered and delivered now the feedback from parents about the photo quality, print quality and speed of service has been fantastic!

I do also have 3 other nurseries booked in for later this year so am really looking forward to those!

If you think your school or nursery would like similar photos then I would love to be recommended, or, if you want to pass me the school's details I would be happy to contact them!

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