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Chris & Suzanne's Wedding

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Chris and Suzanne were married last month at the Salisbury Registry Office and the wedding was followed by a small reception at the beautiful @RollestoneManor near Shrewton.

I first met Chris and Suzanne at the Salisbury Guildhall Wedding Fair and, after seeing my work, they asked to meet with me at their house so we could have a chat about exactly what they were looking for. As it was a small wedding with family and a few friends they wanted a photographer who was relaxed and able to just go with the day and not 'take over'.

After the wedding they were so delighted with the day and resulting photos they emailed me saying: "We loved the range of shots and laughed at lots of antics of the children (and Sandra).  You have done a great job at capturing not only the timeline of the day but also the feelings of everyone.  We will look back and have lots of wonderful memories prompted by them. thanks again for doing what we knew you could do: preserving the spirit of our day in some memorable and captivating photographs." - kind words indeed and, although I love my job, this certainly makes it all worthwhile!

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